207 AMARO LOCALE is the best amaro in the world 2024

Triumph at the World Drink Awards for 207 Amaro Locale, which has won 7 awards celebrating product, design, and communication.

A universal amaro that redefines the relationship between taste and values: it is with this philosophy that 207 Amaro Locale has won over experts and consumers globally. This success was consecrated by the judges of the World Drink Awards, who awarded it as the best amaro in the world 2024.

According to the World Drink Award judges, 207 Amaro Locale has triumphed as both the best amaro globally and the best amaro in the Italian market.

Furthermore, the success also extended to the product, ranking first in the amaro category and third in the herbal amaro category, and the design, receiving three awards for the launch campaign, label design, and bottle design, respectively.